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Supplier Features

Memberships starting at $749/mo.

 Product Listing

Not just another industry database! Products on DistributorCentral are available to the whole industry.

  • Your choice: self service or managed product listing
  • Robust SupplierCentral analytics & lead generation
  • Products showcased on 8,500+ distributor websites
  • Products available for company stores
  • PromoStandards integration 


Time and money saving website solution with DistributorCentral’s award-winning website builder.

  • Hosted website & full site SSL certificate, & custom domain names
  • Advanced, responsive website builder
  • Turnkey, quick-start website templates
  • Ecommerce ahopping cart and payment processing
  • Google analytics and social media integration
  • Unlimited virtual catalogs

Data Integrations

Product data accessed by data consumers, like CustomInk Halo, & CommonSku, via the OneSource API.

  • Fast & reliable API access for product data consumers
  • Free API access for all distributors, buying groups, and service providers
  • Product data validation (exclusive to OneSource)
  • Automated PromoStandards version translation service

Business Solutions

A full suite of business software solutions included in your membership.

  • Distributor management, terms, & payment options
  • Complete & streamlined order processing & management system
  • Artwork & proof management
  • Shipping management system
  • Accounting tools for invoicing & processing payments

insights Sales Tools

DistributorCentral's supplier reporting is the most robust, transparent, lead generating reporting in the industry.

  • Monthly product usage summaries and weekly marketing insights delivered right to your inbox
  • Downloadable reporting for sales & marketing
  • Supplier snapshot to watch impressions, conversions, and CPI overall and by product
  • Top products & keywords performance
  • Find distributors near your or lookup and distributor's contact info

Check out our media guide for more feature and advertising details.

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Reach Distributors With DistributorCentral's Advertising Opportunities


Banner Ads

Target distributors and gain up to 78% more product views with our banner ads.

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Email Blast

DistributorCentral's email blast services average a 33% open rate.

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Supplier Specials

DistributorCentral's themed email blast is sent to 28,000 distributors 3 times in the month.

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Product Placement

DistributorCentral helps get you started by crediting your subscription fees in free Product Placement.

Need more eyes on your favorite products? Take the shortcut and get ahead of your competitors by adding additional Product Placement to your products to promote them higher in the search results.  

  • No impression caps!
  • Create a budget that works for you
  • Daily reporting to quickly see the impact
  • Products with $50 or more automatically get added to the Top Sellers Collection


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