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DC's minimum supplier subscription budget is $749/mo. 

You'll enjoy easy, automatic payments with a credit card on file and charges don’t begin until your products are live for distributors, service providers, and buyers to access!


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Learn About DC

  • Read up on Product Placement

    Allocate Product Placement to improve your product's performance in DC! 
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  • Learn about Reporting Tools

    Review or robust reports for insights about your product's performance!
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Request a demo and see what DistributorCentral can do for you firsthand! During this one-on-one meeting, you'll learn more about DC, we'll get to know your company better, and we'll discuss next steps.

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Next Steps

Explore Your Account

  • Add Contacts

    Create contacts in DC for customer service, orders, and billing correspondences
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  • Add Account Users
    Give your employees controlled access to your account
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Managing Your Product Data

Updating Data

Import, export, and manage your product data files with the Product Data File Manager. The Product Data File Manager combines all Supplier import/export actions into one easy-to-use page in DC!

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Product Data Optimization

Utilizing Attributes, Keywords, Bulletpoints, and more!
Once your initial product data has been imported into DC, the next step is to optimize them for more exposure.

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